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Texas Land and Mineral Owners Association - TLMA
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The Texas Land & Mineral Owners Association works to protect and enhance the property and mineral rights of all Texans. Our formation is a reflection of a very significant deterioration in those rights as a result of political trends, regulatory and legislative actions, and court decisions.

Since the beginning of the shale plays, your private property rights regarding surface and mineral ownership are being assaulted on a very regular basis at all levels of government. What happens at the state legislature, at the Railroad Commission of Texas, and in the courts directly affects your assets—your land, your minerals, your property rights.

 The reality is that things will get worse without someone diligently working to counteract this constant assault.  But you have a family, a job, and a life. You do not have time to constantly follow the antics of those at work in Austin.

 The Texas Land and Mineral Owners Association works for you and for all Texans, to unite your voices to protect your rights.

 As we take action, your membership is vitally important to advancing the rights of surface and royalty owners in Texas! JOIN US NOW!


Texas Land & Mineral Owners Association

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