As we take action, your membership is vitally important to advancing the rights of surface and royalty owners in Texas!
By joining, you allow TLMA to sponsor bills, hire lobbyists, file amicus curiae briefs, and be present at the Railroad Commission, participating in statewide issues on behalf of land and mineral owners.
None of your dues go to support a political action committee (PAC) or to political contributions. Also, please note that in 2023, 60% of your membership dues may be tax deductible as a business expense.

Membership Levels 

Individual - $75
Good Neighbor - $100
Concerned Citizen - $250
Community Leader - $500
Statesman - $1,000
Large Land / Royalty Owner* - $2,500
Large Land / Royalty Owner* - $5,000
Large Land / Royalty Owner* - $10,000
Large Land / Royalty Owner* - $15,000
Large Land / Royalty Owner* - $25,000
Corporate Membership - $2,500

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Membership Information

Membership in the Association is open to individuals and entities (including trusts, associations, partnerships, sole proprietorships, and corporations) who own legal, beneficial, or other title to, or who actively manage, fee, surface, mineral, or royalty interests in Texas lands. Membership is not open to individuals and entities who earn the majority of their income via a working interest in oil and gas production.

We encourage you to join once as a group/ranch/organization and once individually to increase the size of the voting membership.

By joining you will help us to achieve accurate royalty payments, preserve the water table under your land from oil field pollution, and limit oil field and pipeline activity which reduces the value of your land without fair compensation or remediation. You also can participate in direct contact with legislators and Railroad Commissioners on our issues, attend meetings around the state, and receive educational material and information from events across Texas that affect you.

TLMA members will receive a quarterly newsletter with the latest news and information.
Upon request, the TLMA Oil and Gas Lease Form is available to any member in good standing in at least their second year of membership in TLMA or upon acceptance as a member of TLMA at the $250 level or greater in the first year of membership.
During the 2020 Statewide Members Meeting, the TLMA membership approved a corporate membership. If you are interested in learning more about the benefits of being a corporate member, please email [email protected]