Our Members

Each year, TLMA recognizes two members for their dedication to the Association. Below are the list of previous winners! We are extremely grateful for their continued support. 

TLMA Outstanding Service Award

The Outstanding Service Award was established to promote and underscore the association’s continuing dedication to oilfield cleanup, protection of surface and groundwater, accurate royalty payments, and to encourage new drilling of the state’s oil and gas resources.  The Board of Directors will award the TLMA Outstanding Service Award to one member who provides outstanding service to TLMA.

The ideal candidate for the 2020 TLMA Outstanding Service Award is dedicated to reinstating a sense of fairness in the relationship between those that use the land and those who live on it, and has made an outstanding contribution to TLMA through active service.

TLMA Outstanding Membership Recruitment Award

The Membership Recruitment Award honors those who have taken an active role in introducing other land and mineral owners to TLMA and helping to bring new members to the association.


Outstanding Service   

2004 Doug Beveridge   

2005 J. Evetts Haley     

2006 George E. Tanner

2007 Renato Ramirez   

2008 Carolyn Frost Keenan

2009 Roger Welder  

2010 Mike Gillean     

2012 Kim McTee

2013 Russell Hayter 

2014 John McFarland

2015 James L. Donnell, Sr.

2016 Trey Scott

2018 Carolyn Frost Keenan

2019 Russell Hayter

2020 George Tanner



Membership Recruitment

2005 Rod Litke

2006 Dr. John S. Baen &

    Morgan Dunn O’Connor

2007 Carolyn Frost Keenan

2008 Billy K. Lemons

2009 Carol Holmes

2010 Rick Walker

2011 Randy Smith

2013 Jim McAllen

2014 Jimmy Broussard

2015 Tucker Bridwell

2016 Lica Pinkston

2018 John McFarland

2019 Ford Frost

2020 Tucker Bridwell